Monday, 11 November 2013

POST 8 : Your choice of a Film or Series dealing with the notion of 'Power'

'Assault on wall street' 
a movie by Uwe Boll

          " Assault on Wall Street " is a movie by Uwe Boll made in 2013. This movie is about a blue-collar new yorker called Jim Baxford who lives with his wife, Rosie Baxford, in a standard district of New York. Because of Rosie's illness, Jim decided to put all their savings in stock exchange and the man who is in charge of his money tells him that he would made 10 per cent of benefice every month but suddenly the economy crashes so as Jim lost all his money. Rosie thought that she was a burden for Jim so she killed herself, she commited a suicide. Jim lost everything, including his family. He is so angered that he decided to kill all the man who are implicated in what happened to him, he follows his needs of revenge. 

This movie deals with the notion of power and more specificly with the economical power and how people are dependent of money. Also it shows who are responsible of the crisis because, saving the personal life of Jim which is fictitious, all the characters implicated in the economy and working in Wall Street in the movie are real people who are really implicated in the crisis. We learn in this movie that all the money is invented, as long as stock exchange exist, money is moving from one place to another one but when the stock exchange crashes when there is no longer money to give, people lose everything they had. Banks are the culprits of the crisis because they invent money. Let's take the exemple of a loan. You ask for a certain sum of money to buy a house and banks give it to you and you have to pay it off with some interest. But if you can't pay off your debt, what symbolize it is your house so your bank will take it as a garanty but the money as billets you will never saw it because it does not exist. This is only one example of the economic power in our society.

I really like this movie because the message which is transmited is true and more important, it is a current issue and we do not all know why is there a crisis or who is responsible and all that. But it stills be a Hollywood production which is always full of action but the message is important so we have to forget about the production and only focus on the message. 


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  1. An interesting choice, Lorena.
    As I have not seen this film, I am looking forward to finding out more about it through your oral presentattion.
    Remember that you need to be fully prepared for it.
    You cannot afford to count on improvisation!