Wednesday, 11 September 2013

POST 1 : A cartoon

     This is a cartoon published in the International Herald Tribune and drawn by Chappatte. there is no infirmation about the publication's date.  It is a much debated topic because the theme of pirating movies is treated. Like it's shows in the cartoon, people used to consider pirating as normal thing even if it's illegal. 

     At first sight we can see three main characters and the man with the " @ " t-shirt catches the eye because he is talking, there is a ballon. The middle part illustartes the three characters and at the top there is other characters and photographs. 

     The cartoonist aims to become aware of the fact that the Internet becomes an advantage but also a disadvantage. This is clearly a caricature and a critic. He wants to show that the Internet is not always a good idea. The message put across by the author is that pirating stills.

     The document is carefully thought-out. The document is not useless and the argument is persuasive but the people are not convinced about the message, they understad it but they just don't care. The document does not convice the viewers. I do, i approve of the document and the issue it raises. I totally agree with the author. 





  1. Your analysis is very poor and sloppily expressed.
    This is extremely disappointing, Lorena.