Monday, 23 September 2013


          When we think about new technology what come first in mind are the bad aspects of it. It is true that people are now addicted to new technology we cannot live without a phone, we almost live in a virtual world. But new technoly have also good aspects.

          We have to be realist, without new technology this is much more complicated to keep contact with our family and friends. Now that we have all those social networks and other web sites, life began more simple. We can find everything we want on the Internet, we can watch movies, listening to music, watching the evening news, well almost erverything is possible. The progress of technology affects also the progress of science and research. It is true that since the end of the XX° century we have seen medical progress and so on. 

          Medical industry invreased a lot through the last fifty years. Now, almost all the disease are known and we know how to cure them or at least anticipate or ditect them and master them as long as possible. The average life expectancy increased because of those progress. People's lives changed and now we are less scared to be sick because we know that scientists and doctors care about us and they do their possible for us to be safe. 

          We do not have to forget that new technology have downsides and that we have to be careful with all those web sites and be vigilent about what you post or publish on the Internet because once it is on the Internet, we can not delete it, it is saved. But we also have to know that, thanks to the new technology, science and medicine progressed a lot and help people to survive in front of the disease.   


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